Dots, one of the Kolkata’s leading interior designers, creates wide range of steady furniture with minimum maintenance and reasonable low cost which can be highly affordable to upgrade your existing interior.

What are the cost?
Costs are extremely low and can be highly affordable. Many different packages for different requirement of people are available. Hourly consultation starts at 3000/- on-wards.

How to maintain the floor or marble polish?
These are some handy tips using which can help to maintain marble floors and slabs to its health:-

* Use marble sealer as it creates an impenetrable shells which stop the stains from deep penetration.
* Dust and Mop your floors or marble regularly.
* Use neutral soap, detergent or cleanser with pH 7.00 always. It will enhance your stones life.
* Blot the spills with a paper towel instead of wiping it, as it will spread the spill.
* Get professional help to clean marbles annually to maintain its shine.

How to maintain our furniture?
The cleaning of furniture usually depends on the finish of the piece. Here are some tips that will help your furniture to be maintained:-

* Frequent dusting with soft cloth or duster of your furniture will help maintain the luster of both oil and lacquer finish.
* Don’t place wet or hot objects directly on your furniture, use trivets and coaster to prevent the damage.
* Excessive and prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade the color of your furniture, so try to use suitable curtains and awnings for suitable area.
* Never use all purpose cleansing spray unless your furniture has a plastic coating.

How to select the lighting of the house?
Selecting the appropriate lights for particular areas is very necessary as it enhances the beauty of your home. basically lighting can be divided into 3 categories:-

* Task Lighting: This section of light is used in task performing areas. So you may apply the bright white bulbs or daylight of 4100 – 6000 kelvin. best for use in kitchens, study, bathrooms, garages etc.
* Ambient Or General lighting: This is the overall lighting of the rooms. so one can select the soft white or warm white lights of 2700 kelvin. Good for living room & bedroom.
* Accent Lighting: These are used as highlighters for particular areas. wall lighting & landscape lights are common examples. One may select soft yellow bulbs for this type of lighting.

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